See your skin in a new light

Mirai helps you protect and care for your skin using advanced imaging technology.

Mirai uses a small optics clip that fits on any smartphone camera, allowing you to check your skin any time.​

Mirai's novel imaging system provides unprecedented skin insight.

Mirai allows you to check your personal sun protection and that of your loved ones for peace of mind while outdoors.

Our technology

Mirai’s patent-pending imaging technology combines a cost-effective device attached to your smartphone camera with advanced imaging processing in our app. This allows Mirai to see ultraviolet and near-infrared signatures of the skin that are normally invisible to humans, providing a wealth of hidden information about your skin health.

How it works

Mirai’s optics clip and mobile application is designed to work with any smartphone camera. It’s very easy: just clip Mirai’s optics onto your phone’s camera, snap a picture of yourself and reveal hidden skin insights!


Mirai Sunspot

Our first use case is personalized sun protection.

Stay smart about your sun protection while enjoying the outdoors: Mirai Sunspot gives you a quick and intuitive understanding of your personal level of sun protection to make sure you and your loved ones are well protected wherever you are.

New products coming soon!

Beyond sun protection, we’re working with leading dermatologists to develop additional use cases of Mirai’s imaging technology to better understand your skin health and its needs.

Who is it for?

Innovative skincare brands looking to provide a novel and personalized customer experience​

  • Offer personalized advice on sun protection and other relevant skin parameters to your customers
  • Gain valuable insights from your customer’s journey and improve customer acquisition and retention
  • Differentiate from competing brands
  • Develop a set of skin monitoring use cases using Mirai’s flexible technology platform

Concerned end-users

  • Understand and improve your personal sun protection and get sun safety advice tailored to your skin’s needs
  • Leverage the benefits of advanced imaging techniques normally only available to dermatologists to improve your skin health

About Mirai

Mirai is an incubation project at ICFO, the Institute of Photonic Sciences, based in Barcelona (Spain). Mirai’s goal is to provide advanced skin understanding that uses our patent-pending and cost-effective imaging technology to detect skin features by harnessing light invisible to the naked eye.

Our Team

Dr. Kevin Schädler

Founder and inventor of Mirai’s technology

Guido Vezzoni

Senior app developer

Alex Barnadas

Computer vision engineer


Dr. Álvaro Goméz Tomás

Dermatology advisor

Dr. Thomas Siegel

Optics design advisor

Luca Venza

Business and fundraising advisor

Dr. Silvia Carrasco

Technology transfer advisor

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